Which is better: diamond painting or cross-stitch ktclubs.com

Which is better: diamond painting or cross-stitch

Diamond painting, also known as DIY diamond painting, is a combination of delicate and sparkling artificial crystal round diamonds (some are square diamonds) and well-designed patterns, which the artist needs only to extract from the drill tool and stick to the corresponding symbols on the canvas, thus completing the paste of a diamond, and then slowly fill the area corresponding to each symbol, and in a few minutes you can officially start. Compared to cross stitch, diamond painting is simple and easy to use, and takes about 1/10 of the time of cross stitch to produce the same pattern, currently divided into crystal round diamond painting, tesseract round diamond painting and square diamond painting!


This is not the kind of cross stitch that you used to embroider yourself with needle and thread, but rather you follow the picture, paste the artificial rhinestones into the designated position and design your own picture that can shine. Because this new type of cross stitch is easy to use
Cross stitch is a method of embroidery that anyone can learn to do, it is embroidered with co-ordinate patterns and is very easy to learn, with cross stitch threads, colours of fabrics and materials.
It is easy to learn, which is why it is so popular with many people. Moreover, being able to design and produce your favourite piece with your own hands gives you a greater sense of achievement.

DIY diamond painting is another emerging market after cross-stitch, the product does not distinguish between gender and age, men, women and children can make it. DIY spirit is more focused on an attitude of life, a pleasant leisure fun. Therefore more and more people are becoming the mainstream consumers of this form of leisure and entertainment. To this day, whether it is the elderly, children or the young and middle-aged; whether it is women or men, everyone is very fond of this form of leisure and entertainment.

Demand determines the market, and because of its popularity and popularity, DIY diamond painting has become an industry with a strong development market.


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