How to extend the life of your phone

How to extend the life of your phone

Today, mobile devices are an integral part of our daily lives, as they allow us to manage multiple activities and keep us connected to the @@ world. Around 95% of Peruvians access websites via their mobile phones, which demonstrates how closely we are connected to technology; therefore, it is important to use and maintain mobile devices.

Mobile phones and other devices are part of our daily routine and even when people go to the bathroom, they use their phones to go to the bathroom. These teams make our lives easier because with the outbreak of COVID-19 brought on by the epidemic, many people work from home and why they have to be aware of anything that comes up at work is all the more reason to reach for their phones.

This goes further as it is not only for work issues but many families are separated for different reasons which is why they like to have their phones with them in any emergency situation.

"Technology continues to prove the fundamental role it plays in people's lives and the great support it provides to achieve goals. That's why there are several companies offering smartphones to suit every consumer's style, with innovative and attractive options for all at an affordable price," says Jesús Hung, Director of TCL Communications.

Along these lines, experts share 4 key tips to take care of your phone to ensure its proper functioning and longevity

1. Avoid extreme light. Exposing your phone to direct sunlight can severely damage the screen and battery; therefore, whenever and wherever you are in an open space such as a beach or swimming pool, it is advisable to store it in a place where it can be protected from heat sources and direct light. Although your computer has a high resolution Full HD screen that allows you to view content in the sun, it is important to keep Please note this advice, especially in outdoor areas.

2. Use a rating to prevent injury. On the beach or in the field, phones are more susceptible to scratches caused by contact with sand or grass; in addition, continuous operation by hand in these environments can easily result in scratches to the device. To avoid these accidents, you need to use a case for your team. This case is a body protector for your phone. Use a resistant, preferably thicker case so that your phone is better protected against drops.

3. Make sure your device does not come into contact with water. In recent years, various waterproof features have been integrated into mobile phones; however, experts recommend it is best to avoid exposure to moisture to prevent internal damage to your smartphone, thus ensuring it lasts longer and stays in better condition.

4. Charge your phone properly. We use our phones almost all the time, even when charging them, and this is really bad for computers.

Experts say that constantly connecting and disconnecting your smartphone is a bad habit that can have serious consequences for your smartphone Computer, such as damaging the battery life cycle.

The correct action when charging a mobile phone is to leave it connected and then wait for the charge to reach 100% without interrupting the charging process.

5.Pick a suitable case for it. Cases protect your phone from wear and tear to a certain extent. There are many scenarios in life that can cause your phone to slip from your hands, and that's when you need a case to protect it from damage to the screen and back cover.

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