Phone Cases

Types of housings and differences

Cell phone cases can be divided into: plastic, TPU, silicone, leather, crystal shell, clear water shell, net shell, environmental protection PC shell, metal shell and wood shell, etc.

Traditional processing technology: the market uses more processes are injection molding, spraying, printing, inkjet, laser engraving, IML, leather, leather cover, diamond, oxidation etching, laser, etc.

Silicone Case

Silicone material is currently a very popular material, soft texture and good anti-slip, while having the characteristics of oil resistance and high temperature resistance, silicone material itself is environmentally friendly, healthy and tasteless, can relieve the impact of the external part in the event of an accidental fall, with a good protection function.

PC material shell

PC material is a comprehensive and excellent hard case, feel more comfortable, while having good heat dissipation resistance to fall, thin and light PC material case colorful, can provide a comfortable touch and stylish visual enjoyment.

Glass case

Glass phone case, bright pattern colorful use lasting not easy to fade appearance fashionable and beautiful, glass material has a certain wear-resistant anti-scratch performance, is a widely acclaimed new material.

Metal shell

Currently on the market metal phone case material are used aluminum-magnesium alloy material, this type of phone case has a high resistance to deformation and fracture resistance, so it has the ideal protection performance. However, metal cases are thicker, less portable and cause some interference to the signal.

Crystal cases

Crystal cases are favored by women, made of plexiglass, with a thick and solid appearance and crystal clear shell. Not only can effectively protect the phone, but also does not affect the appearance, can be described as a deep silicone cover and holster of the long.

Selection advice: silicone material texture soft and non-slip, glass material wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, these two materials both in appearance and protection performance, certain advantages worth choosing, PC material and poor performance in daily use, while the metal material is too heavy
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