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Origin of spirit drum

The drum is characterised by its ethereal, distant, deep and mellow sound. The Chinese Lu Ru instrument is based on the steel tongue drum, with the tongue shape and colouring incorporating Chinese elements, bringing together the essence of thousands of years of Chinese philosophy, religion, culture, art, music and nationalistic thinking, fusing modern craft techniques, sound theory and innovative design in one.
The original domestic drums were made with relatively crude craftsmanship and limited intonation. Today more people love to play the carefree drums and they are becoming more beautiful, refined and richer in tone. With the development of the production technology of the Carefree drums, professional performance grade 14 and 15 notes have now been developed, thus giving the Carefree drums a wider range of tones, as well as the ability to play more professional scores and to perform professionally.
The drums are made of steel, titanium, brass and carbon steel and are covered with different colours and textures of lacquer. The drums have a flat, rounded body with eight lotus petal tongues spread around the top of the drum, giving them a refined and beautiful appearance. There are many other brands of drums on the market today, but they are all imitations of the design of the Ru Ru Ru instruments, so you need to check carefully before buying.
It is easy to concentrate on the sound of the drums, which is pure, ethereal and has a powerful penetrating effect.
The drums are also suitable for foetal and early childhood education, helping to develop a sense of music, stimulating the nerve endings in the hands when children play with them, enhancing the coordination of the left and right hands, and promoting brain development, making the child's eyes, ears, brain and hands more dexterous and coordinated.
It can be used as a home decoration, or combined with tea ceremony culture, incense culture, zither culture, taiji, yoga, Chinese costume, poetry, dance, meditation and meditation to bring together the deepest calls from the heart, touching forgotten memories through the auditory image, opening the heart, comfort, lightness and tranquillity, even dancing spiritually with the sound. ...
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