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What's the spirit drum

The Hollow Drum is a musical instrument that combines philosophy, religion, culture and art, with modern techniques, sound theory and innovative design. The Hollow Drum originated from the ancient Chinese instrument of the Western Zhou Dynasty, the chime, and was later developed and refined to its final form.

The sound of the Hollow Drum is clear, ethereal and distant, and has the effect of purifying the mind and expressing stress, hence its name. Its invention was influenced by many musical instruments, incorporating the gentle and soulful sound of classical instruments such as the chime, guqin and guzheng, as well as the powerful and penetrating sound of the popular hangdrum, making it a musical instrument that combines both traditional and modern craftsmanship.

Because of its airy and delicate sound, it can be used to play not only ancient music, but also up-tempo pop songs. Its harmonious natural scales are ideal for natural styles of music, and it is also widely used in religious Buddhism, Zen tea and yoga meditation, to purify the mind and cultivate the emotions, and to discover the beauty of one's own nature.

Hsien Yi Air Spirit Drum

The sound of the drum is pure and ethereal, with a powerful penetrating sound that makes it easy to concentrate. The sound of the drum is a powerful and penetrating instrument that makes it easy to concentrate on. With each breath, the body and mind unite in the rise and fall of the drum, bringing you to a state of tranquillity and awakening deeper awareness.

The drums are also suitable for foetal education and early childhood education, helping to develop a sense of music, stimulating the nerve endings of the hands as children play with them, enhancing the co-ordination of the left and right hands, and contributing to the development of the child's brain, making the child's eyes, ears, brain and hands more dexterous and co-ordinated.

The drum is also used as an artwork for home decoration, and can be combined with tea ceremony culture, incense culture, zither culture, taiji, yu hanfu, poetry, dance, meditation, and meditation. This kind of call from the deepest part of the heart, through the hearing, touches those memories that are about to be forgotten, opening up the heart, lightening the mind and even dancing spiritually with the sound...


Drumming is a modern ethereal instrument for the new age, but it is easy to learn and has no complicated theory. It is an instrument in which the tongue is used to produce the resonance of the whole chamber, so whether by hand or with mallets, the aim is to make the tongue vibrate and to produce a beautiful rhythm once the basic rhythm is mastered.
What is an air drum: How many notes are there in an air drum?
The 8-note kung-ling is composed of the Chinese five-tone tuning system: Gong, Shang, Horn, Zheng and Feather. The 13-note kung-ling has a wide range of notes, with seven scales spanning an octave. They stand for Do Re mi fa Sol La Si.

There is a lot of room for improvisation in the performance of the air drum, and even if it is the same piece, each time it is unique and completely under the control of the player.

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