The difference between diamond painting and cross-stitch

The difference between diamond painting and cross-stitch

The effect that cross-stitching cannot achieve.

Advantages of diamond painting compared with cross-stitch.

Diamond painting is an emerging home decoration craft in recent years, and it is a good choice to beautify a room. In the market, diamond painting has more advantages than cross-stitch, it has more highlights and gives an elegant and noble taste.

1. It has the beauty of cross-stitch, but it is easier to learn than cross-stitch, when cross-stitch takes 1 month, diamond painting only takes 1 day and 3 minutes to start

2. The weather is hot and the number of people who embroider cross stitch is relatively small, but diamond painting is the best choice;

3. Diamond painting has a wide range of colors to choose from, and the picture has a stronger sense of three-dimensionality

4. DIY diamond painting is more convenient to clean than cross-stitch, so you can always keep the neat effect.
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