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What is meant by painting by numbers?

What is digital oil painting
Digital oil painting, also known as digital painting and coded oil painting, is a hand-painted product that can be completed by processing the painting into lines and number symbols through a special process, and the painter simply fills in the corresponding numbered paint in the numbered colouring area. Popular in Europe, America, Japan and Korea, it brings together the functions of leisure, decoration, gift and study. It enables people who have no half-hearted knowledge of painting to immediately draw a marvellous work of art and enjoy the endless fun of the painting process.
Invented in the USA in the 1950s, digital oil painting has become popular in France, Germany and Italy and has influenced generations of people, making it easy for anyone who loves to paint, but has never studied painting, to create their own paintings. The European-American obsession with digital canvases was so great that a record 15 million sets were sold in four years, and the product went down in European and American history as an enduring and far-reaching piece of popular culture. Many elderly people who are now over 100 years old still treasure their childhood digital canvases and meet up to hold exhibitions to reminisce about their past.
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